Handy Home Hints for 2021

Tuesday 20 Apr 2021

1. Year of the 'ClOffice' (transform an underutilised closet into an office)

2. Easy Decor Accents (throw pillows & blankets, rugs, artwork - Inject COLOUR!)

3. Dramatic Bedrooms (oversized headboards, textures and focal points)

4. Stay in, keep it Cool! (host backyard BBQs with a small group, think of reutilising old garden equipment - That old wheelbarrow could be an esky!)

5. The personal 'Spa' Bathroom (bring in a range of plants, candles, scents, dimming lights and treat yourself!)

6. The Right Light! (Upgrade those dull lights with luxe lamp shades and new light bulbs)

7. PVC Piping (Pesty messy cords, hidden away and a chic way)

8. Mirror, Mirror on the wall (Oversized mirrors create an illusion of space and light!)

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