2019 End of Year Event - Screening of #2040Film

Friday 27 Dec 2019

It’s the holiday season and end of the year – a time that puts people in a giving spirit. We attempted to bring the community together this year, to have some fun and raise funds for a good cause. We strived to create awareness about the environmental issues we could face in the near future. Our team at First National Stanhope Gardens chose to host the screening of an engaging and informative movie at our 2019 end of year client event.

Screening of 2040: First National Stanhope Gardens supports environmental harmony

Who doesn’t want to live in a future where people live in harmony with nature?

2040: The Regeneration is a documentary conceived by environmentalist and filmmaker Damon Gameau. Crafted as a visual letter for his four-year-old daughter, he explores what our future would look like by the year 2040 if we embrace simple solutions like solar power and progressive farming. All these solutions are already available to us and we can create environmentally sustainable societies with better grades of food, lesser carbon emissions and restored habitats and ecosystems.

This optimistic, inspiring, and uplifting documentary blends a conventional style layered with facts and sharp humour and uses visual effects to convey how these simple solutions could regenerate the planet for future generations.

2040: The Regeneration was well received by our clients, extended team, families and friends. It was overwhelming to see our friends come together as responsible world citizens and understand the harm we have collectively done to the planet by our irresponsible actions. Watching the documentary together, we also got an incredible feeling of hope in tackling this climate emergency.

Food, drinks, laughter and doing our bit towards a better future

As we watched the documentary with our friends and enjoyed the evening with food and drinks, we also got the message that if we do our individual bit we could surely contribute through small but substantive measures to help our environment recover and sustain. It was great to see a movie that generated good vibes and a positive perspective on our future.

Our team at First National Stanhope Gardens hosted the movie at Event Cinema Castle Towers on 20th of November. We couldn’t have done it without the eminent support of our sponsors - Benson Actions, Flash Conveyancing and Alure Property Styling - who have always stood by to help us out.

Our team at First National Stanhope Gardens have decided to make a difference by creating a personal fundraising appeal to support our chosen charity - the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. All the proceedings were donated to support the excellent work done by the staff and volunteers at the Children’s Hospital.

As responsible individuals, we need to make more contributions that will not only reduce the damage that is being done to our environment but will also help in protecting it for our future generations.

Going forward we hope to organise more such events for global campaigns which are focused on making a big impact by bringing people together.

We would like to thank each one of you and request all of you to spread the word. We should all contribute in any way possible to combat the increasing rate of environmental damage already done to our planet. After all, we owe our future generations a better world.

Happy New Year to All.