First National Stanhope Gardens is hosting Damon Gameau engaging movie 2040

Tuesday 22 Oct 2019

What if we embrace the best solutions available to us? Damon Gameau explore what the near future would be by the year 2040 if we do just that, embrace solutions already open to us to improve our world. Travelling around to research a startling selection of new solutions already being applied, Gameau also jumps forward to 2040 using impressive CGI, creating a vast and optimistic perspective of the best possible world in the future. 2040 can be an energising and inspirational look at how exactly we can triumph over quite a few present-day problems. Gameau’s film is positive and engaging, discussing positive alternatives, never delving in some of the depressing aspects of present-day issues like global warming. First National Stanhope Gardens is proud to organise a viewing of the movie.

First National Stanhope Gardens: hosting 2040

General information about the movie

Director: Damon Gameau

Country: Australia

Runtime: 90 mins

Rating: G

More about the movie: Click to see Trailer

The film had rave reviews following its world premiere in Berlinale.

“The film desires to shift things from the mainstream narrative,” Gameau said in an earlier interview, “which frequently overwhelms and paralyses us from taking action.”

“I didn’t just want a white man’s viewpoint.”

What began as a film about reversing global warming and lowering emissions, quickly became a tale about strengthening communities, bettering the grade of food and land, embracing cheaper and cleaner energy and transportation, plus restoring habitats and ecosystems.

The movie is a visual letter to his little daughter. Damon blends traditional documentary with dramatised sequences and high-end visual effects to make a vision table of how these solutions could regenerate the planet for future generations.

First National Stanhope Gardens is hosting the viewing in Event Cinemas Castle Towers

First National Stanhope Gardens is hosting an evening to view the movie at event cinema Castle Towers on the 20th of November at 6 PM. Our sponsors, including Benson Actions, Flash Conveyancing and Alure Property Styling, have been kind enough to help us out.

Tickets can be booked with us, at a website set up for the purpose. General tickets have non-reserve seating and come with a small popcorn and a small drink. You do not have to pay at once when you book. Payments will be collected at the event. Only Cash Payments will be available. All proceeds with be donated to the children’s hospital at Westmead.

The team at First National have decided to make a difference by creating our personal fundraising appeal for our chosen charity and support the excellent work done by the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. You can call us to donate more if you wish to.

The trailer of the movie can be seen here and here is the agenda for the evening.