New dog park opens in Quakers Hill

Monday 14 Oct 2019

If you are looking for a house for sale in Quakers Hill area there is exciting news for you. A new off-leash dog park has opened at Paterson Reserve in Quakers Hill. With this, Blacktown City area is now home to two new dog parks, which has lifted the community spirits. Adults and children are excited about bringing their pets here to enjoy some off-leash times. This gives the dogs and their owners a greater sense of happiness.

The new park has two hubs – one for small dogs, in case they are intimidated by the bigger ones. This arrangement has been welcomed by the community as the welfare of pets is a priority.


Some were quick to point out that parks like these help the pets their owners move freely. Furthermore, they felt that it will help in inculcating community fellowship among the people through greater interaction. They added that it, in turn, would help strengthen the social fabric.

So, if you are a pet owner thrilled by this news, you could look up your dream house for sale in Quakers Hill. You could go for one of the well-built 4 bedroom family homes in the area. Most Houses for Sale in Quakers Hill have street appeal, good living area, great landscaped gardens and fixtures.

With bus stops, schools such as Barnier Public school and Mary Immaculate Primary school, Quakers Hill train station, play areas and parklands, it could be the best choice for a family with children and pets.

What can be better than having your own home near a dog park that lets your pet run freely? Your children would also reap the benefits of spending time outdoors in the company of the dog. So look up for a house for sale in Quakers hill.


NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment has partnered with local councils to deliver off-leash areas for dogs. This is a great way for the community and their dogs to enjoy the great atmosphere together.

Chris Quilkey of the Blacktown City Council said that the department came up with the money while the Council came up with the design and plan. The enthusiasm of the community was clear from the fact that people came in large numbers with their dogs to enjoy the outdoors.

At a time when more open spaces are being built upon every day, initiatives like these could benefit communities. Better mental health, fitness and a sense of well-being can be fostered, thanks to the great atmosphere created by the pets and people around them.

So, any pet owner would love to move into the neighbourhood if a good property comes his way. With added benefits such as the excellent Quakers Hill Public School nearby and good connectivity from places of work, it will not be a surprise if people make a beeline for this place.