Real estate The Ponds: The Cooee bus service and the Cooee apps

Wednesday 09 Oct 2019

Bus services connecting The Ponds commuters to Tallawong, Rouse Hill, or Schofield's stations has started, for those who are not aware. Its a boost to Real estate The Ponds even though the market continues to be somewhat difficult (but recovering fast).

Cooee Bus Service: Real estate The Ponds

The “on-demand” Cooee bus services began operating a day following the Sydney Metro northwest opened.

Passengers are asked to book a seat using the Cooee app and organise to be collected from a stop close to their home.

Riverstone state Liberal MP Kevin Conolly said the average stop was no more than 3km and would cost $2.20 for adults or $1.10 for concessions.

The Ponds could have a fleet of five buses operating on weekdays between 5 am and 9 pm.

Download the Cooee app from either the App Store or Google Play.

A debit or credit card may be used to pay fares through the app or when the commuters board the bus.

Kellyville residents are contacting the state to set up on-demand bus services in their suburbs are well, and also in Beaumont Hills and Rouse Hill.