Tamara Lesk

EA & Operations

Over 12 years of experience as a professional assistant and a wealth of knowledge gathered from a wide range of industries combine to make Tamara a true leader in her field. She is an exceptional Executive Assistant who has the potential to make a positive difference within any business.

With more than a decade’s worth of experience assisting her managers, her peers and the businesses she worked for, Tamara has grown into a highly accomplished professional with a tremendous amount of insight, knowledge and composure at her disposal.

Tamara knows exactly what works when filling an EA role and she is well aware of the many different hats an Executive Assistant must wear. From marketing to client management, administrative tasks to office management, team leadership to human resources involvement, she is extremely capable of carrying out these tasks and more.

Aside from her many years of professional EA experience, Tamara is an honest, hardworking employee who genuinely cares about the business she works for and the people she works with.

She isn’t afraid to go the extra mile and relishes a challenge, taking pride in both the process and the output of every task she completes.

Tamara isn’t just an Executive Assistant; she is a mentor, a leader and an expert in her field.

*2019 Finalist Real Estate Business 'Office Administrator of the Year'.